1. USA official rules will apply with the following exceptions: 
   b) Courtesy runners, for the pitcher and catcher only, will be allowed for all age groups.  In addition to the official USA rules, the last out will also be allowed. 
2. All protests must be made at the time of the incident and will be resolved at that time.  We do have an Umpire-in–-Chief on duty. If you believe a rule is not applied properly, ask the field umpires to stop the clock and consult with the UIC. 

3. Aunt Rosie's Tournament Committee reserves the right to change the rules as required, including, but not limited to, the elimination of games as conditions dictate. 

4. Roster:  Maximum of 16 players. The final rosters and proof of insurance (copy or original) must be given to the tournament director no less than 1/2 hour prior to the start of your first game. Birth dates must be included! Proof of age and photo ID must be available upon request. Players are only  allowed to play for one team per Tournament age group , even after their team has been eliminated from tournament play. 
*The 16U & 18U teams are required to submit the "Player Profile" form for our college coaches' tournament booklet.

5. Each team is responsible for their own insurance.  The Aunt Rosie's Tournament, the Town of Amherst, the Amherst Girls Softball League, Tournament Directors and the Umpires-in-Chief assume no responsibility for insurance or injury. 
All Teams  have to list the Town of Amherst NY, 5583 Main Street, Williamsville NY 14221 and Amherst Girls Softball League, PO Box 680 Williamsville NY 14231
as additional insured on your insurance certificates. 

6. Teams must be ready to play 15 minutes before their scheduled starting times. GAMES WILL BE STARTED EARLY WHEN THERE ARE WEATHER CONCERNS. 

7. During pool play, the home team will be determined by a flip of a coin at home plate by the umpire. The team traveling the farthest may call the coin toss. 

8. The home team will be the official scorekeeper for all games.  Both teams shall be responsible for accuracy, and corrections can be made if reported in a timely manner. 

9. There will be no full infield practice allowed on the game diamonds!  You may hit grounders behind the baselines as time and field conditions allows.  

10. Pool games will be seven innings in length with the following exceptions.  There will be a time limit of one hour and thirty minutes with no new inning to start after one hour and thirty minutes. (A new inning officially starts as soon as the final out of an inning is recorded). The USA National Tournament mercy rule will be in effect. The International Tie Breaker rule will be in effect after seven innings if time is still remaining, however pool games can still end in a tie. 

11.  Bracket FORMAT: Pool Play for seeding purposes -- Every team plays at least one game following pool play as follows:
2024- Teams seeded 33rd to 36th play a consolation game only. 
  10U Tournament 12 Team Single Elimination Bracket
  12U Tournament 28 Team Single Elimination Bracket
  14U Tournament 36 Team Single Elimination Bracket
  16U Tournament 36 Team Single Elimination Bracket
  18U Tournament 36 Team Single Elimination Bracket
  Open Tournament 20 Team Single Elimination Bracket

The Round Robin standings will be determined as follows: 

   1. Total points* (2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss)
   2. Fewest Runs allowed.
   3. Run Differential.  MAX 7 per Game

   4. Most Shut Outs in Pool Play
   5. Coin Toss ( Draw if more than 2 teams are involved)  
  *May be based on "average result per game" if the tournament is shortened due to weather.
   **Forfeits are recorded as a 7 - 0 score
   ***If a team withdraws prior to the completion of pool play, the tournament committee will use their discretion to minimize the impact on the tournament including, but not limited to, eliminating the results of games already played. 

  6. All playoff games will be 7 innings long with a one hour and thirty minute time limit - no new inning can start after one hour and thirty minutes. The USA  mercy rule will be in effect, and the (International) tie breaker rule will be in effect after seven innings or one hour and thirty minutes. 

  7. Championship games will be 7 innings long with no time limit. The USA mercy rule will still be in effect. The International Tie Breaker rule will be in effect after seven innings. 

AWARDS: Team Trophy will be awarded to the champion and runner-up team. Individual trophies will be awarded for over-the-fence home runs (must clear our 225' fence), no-hitters and perfect games (must be at least 5 innings). 

DRAWING: The Tournament Committee will establish brackets and starting times. They will be posted on Tourney Machine as soon as is practical. 

CONCESSION STAND: Our concession stand will be in full operation with an expanded menu. ( No Grills allowed)


 REFUND POLICY:  Teams withdrawing: a) Prior to Dec. 31st will receive a 50% refund. b) Between Jan 1st and Mar 31st will receive a 25% refund (rounded off). c) Between Apr 1st and the start of the tournament are not guaranteed any refund.  * There are NO REFUNDS for games not played played due to weather*